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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Village Starts Building The Foundation

The Village High School girls’ basketball program is now about to get those ladies feet wet. It’s time for real varsity basketball and it’s going to be a rough ride from the start to finish with mostly freshmen players going to battle their first season. “Bruises and bumps, blow out games are expected with a lot of hurt feelings, but it’s about learning and maturing in the game and we will survive it!” said three incoming freshmen Onigbanjo, Cambel and Thompson. “We really don’t know what kind of team we will have until the first tryout” said junior guard Elise Renard. “The past two years we struggle with only 6 players at times and we have a couple of middle school players playing up to help us out. It will be different this year with the addition of all the freshmen. I am certain that we will at least be able to compete” Renard continues. The Village School have had a solid junior high program that went undefeated 22-0 last year in the Houston Junior Preparatory Conference, but it’s time for real basketball and it’s all going to be up to Coach Margo Graham and her players to step it up and come prepared every game ready to take every hard blow and bounce back to compete for the next game.


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