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Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home... Westbury Christian School

Sylvana Okde - class of 2012 and former Dulles high school starting point guard made a bold move and transferred to Westbury Christian to wear the wildcats’ uniform for the upcoming 2010-2011 season. Okde plays for Cy Fair Nike Elite summer team under the direction of Al Coleman. This move solidifies the wildcats’ roster. It’s a guarantee that they will hit the road for another state title this year and by the time the basketball season starts, we may have more news about the wildcats’ transformation to a TAPPS 4A powerhouse in the state. So stay tuned and hold on to your seats. Houston basketball is getting a lot of recognition for both boys and girls nationwide and it’s just the beginning. H-TOWN WE GOT NEXT?


  1. Sylvana Okde is really a good player and pretty too. latest sports news

  2. Great kid! she really needed help at Dulles after K Bone left but she found the right place to continue her high school education and basketball career. Very supportive family. BTW didn't Amber Orrange came from Dulles too?

  3. yes, amber orrange came from dulles as well as tryranni henderson.

  4. Any knowledge of a player possible transfer from village school to westbury next year?

  5. No. But does The Village School offer athletic scholarships?

  6. Westbury is loaded and I don't think the village have any player that they will be interested in. Village do not have a girls team that can compete. Latest sports news, who's on your mind?

    Basketball Fan