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Monday, November 8, 2010

How High Can She Reach?

How far can the senior Kellie Pressler take the St Agnes tigers this season? After the departure of Chelsea Bass (Texas) and Lauren Kleczynski, It is now the time for lady tigers post Pressler to pull her team together. She will need all the help to match up with the ever growing rival Westbury Christian who have loaded a bunch of talents this year. Wildcats newcomers are junior guard Sylvana Okde 5A tranfer from Dulles Ft Bend and freshman wing Briana Turner. Pressler will surely get her numbers up, but it's all up to her teammates to get theirs. St Agnes tigers will open up their season away on November 9th against College Park.

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  1. I remember her from Texas Blazers but did not see her play with them past summer. What summer team does she play for now?