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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bullseye On Target

1st Place - Hot Shots Space City AAU Shootout (Clear Brook, Texas) April 28-29, 2006

2012’s Blayke Hemmitt-Bellaire HS, Bianca Winslow-Bellaire HS, Jazmyn Howard-Elkins HS, Jazmin Guerrero-Dobbie HS, Kaylan Sanders-Elkins HS, Meaghan Scott-Sam Rayburn HS and Sadalia Ellis-Cy Falls HS (not in picture), 2013’s Briana Williams-St John’s, Briana Scott-Sam Rayburn HS, 2014 Hannah Cambel-Village HS

Let’s go back and follow some leads. About a year past, I wrote about this group of girls in this blog “Back to the Future! 2012-2014” and way before that when they were youngsters and in grade school, I saw them play and said these girls will become good athletes and I am happy to say that all of them are still playing the game they love and progressing tremendously in high school . Looking forward to 2012 less than a couple of years from now about half of them will graduate high school and only GOD will know where they will end up and if they will continue to play at the next level. The day will come when the last one of the pack heads out to college. I can look back and read thru all this and can only remember the days growing along with the beautiful ladies. Where ever each one of them ends up, I am for sure that they will follow their dreams and at this point in time, I can only wish for each one the best for a JOB WELL DONE so far. "Good Luck To Your 2010-2011 Season!"

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