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Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Glimpse Of Westbury Christian Lady Wildcats Basketball

LABOR DAY weekend @ Crossover Athletics. The Lady Wildcats of Westbury Christian's labored and played their hearts out rolling out with a 2-1 record coached by their senior guard Hannah Cambel who's currently recovering from an off season surgery. With the lady wildcats new additions of freshman Marissa Banfield, Roseline Akwarandu and sophomore and junior transfers Tyra Cormier, Sarah Williams and Marie Bailey, help solidifies Westbury Christian's contention for the coming season. 
Lady Wildcats as they celebrate and cheer for their teammates as they ended the 3rd game of the day! 
Sophomore and freshman Akwarandu sisters listens as the lady wildcats huddles for the halftime. 
Senior guard Cambel giving instructions to the younger guards Banfield and Bailey.

As per Coach Josh Bailey "I love it when a bench gets excited!" and also quoted "GREAT players... are TOP-NOTCH communicators!" and as for the senior guard Hannah Cambel.... "My RESPECT for coach Bailey has grown. Coaching is a HARD JOB!, but it felt great to be with my girls this weekend. I am beyond excited for this season"

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