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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2009-10 Houston Junior Preparatory Conference Tournament Finals

2009-10 The Year in Review - The Village School has now entered another arena, after having a great junior high season, Coach Margo Graham and her Lady Vikings and what's left from last year’s team has greater task at hand. They have lost some key players, but also gained some new ones. Winning the Houston Junior Prep Conference and Tournament was nothing compared to high school varsity basketball where you will be playing with seasoned and experienced athletes that have played varsity for more than 2 years and for some maybe more. From Coach Graham views, she's not looking for a winning season yet, but to get the girls ready for the coming years. But of course she wants to win, but being realistic makes more sense. She believes that her team will be very competitive but will need a lot of maturity which comes from playing against the best competitions. The Village as a whole is full of excitement for the great progressions of its athletics and looking forward to its berth in the field of high school basketball.


  1. Tough times is in the horizon for this team... GOOD LUCK!

  2. LOL! none of this girls even played in an elite summer team. They will be eaten alive.


  3. VILLAGE IS AWESOME!!! half of them play on AAU and get even better. Thats the reason they won

  4. That's incorrect I only saw a couple that played AAU from this team and only the big girl Onigbajo continued to play AAU last summer. What happen to the point guard Cambel? We did not see her in the circuit this past summer? Is she still playing summer ball and in what team?