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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Houston scooping HOOPS

Cy Fair Nike Elite - Bianca Winslow (2012) of Bellaire High School is scooping her way to the hoops against team Michigan Crossover. Bianca was one of the original girls from the 2005 Team NCI Elite that I had followed closely and believed then that she will become one special basketball player as the rest of the girls in that NCI team. A lot have doubts about what I was saying at the time and said that it was too early to determine if any of the girls will even make it past middle school basketball. I was right all along, because all these girls are now in high school and all have played varsity basketball in their freshman year and are now making names for themselves. Bianca is the daughter of former U of H and NBA player Rickie Winslow. She will be fun to watch teaming up with one of the top point guard in the nation AJ Alix (2013) and the sharpshooter Raven Burns (2012) for the Lady Cardinals this coming school season. More on 2005 Team NCI Elite @ http://www.wizardsbasketball.us/nci_players.html


  1. Look at my big sis B-Low, you go sis !!! I knew your were something special ever since we played together in middle school.

  2. Cy Fair Nike Elite is one of the best AAU programs in Houston by far.

  3. Cyfair Nike Elite is a joke and probably want be around next year! They treat the Houston kids like trash and don't mind using them for practice dummies...

  4. I can sense a lot of jealousy in Houston and it's not good for anyone at all. Houston has a lot of talents to go around so everyone should just be happy for anyones success.

    DJ Emory
    NY City