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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Village High School Lady Vikings Took Emery Weiner To Overtime. Cambel hits the winning shot!

November 8th Village school visited Emery Weiner. Lacking in heights, the lady vikings was out rebounded and trailed by double digits all the way to early in the fourth quarter but trickle it's way back into the game taking it to overtime to win. See game highlights...


  1. This can possibly be the only win they will get this season. Village is so new and will have to get some help for their young freshmen. Do not think Cambel and Thompson can handle the pressure and do anything now that the big girl Onigbanjo is out on knee injuries. I hope not for the whole season.

    Basketball Guru

  2. I don't think Coach Margo Graham of the Village is expecting the girls go out there and win as of yet. If they do, then its great. It's more of a learning at this time. Village is more of an academic school and just getting into the grind in basketball this year. It will take a while. Maybe a year or two with some more addition. I'm for sure that only the 3 freshmen are the only ones and the rest have never played organized or basketball at all in their life but now. It's a tough situation for the coach and the 3 freshmen.