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Friday, November 4, 2011

Good Coaching and Team Play Works Well for Awty International

Lacking in size Coach Emanual Davis believed that if he can set the motion of his system to his players and make them confident that it works, he is expecting a great season out of it. Last night Awty International opened their season against a bigger and more physical Emery Weiner and showed a lot of determination to win. Davis said that if they can out run the big girls then they can win the game which they did. The private schools in Houston is now slowly catching up with the trend in basketball competetion which allows and opens door for college coaches to easily pick a decent player that is readily available to tackle college academics and be available to play without compromise. Coach Davis also mentioned that he has conversations with a few college coaches that are very interested in finding girls with such quality. Davis also said " If a girl can handle the academics, coachable and have the desire to play, then they can play for me."

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