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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Dynasty Of It's Own... REWIND

Four years ago we have a DYNASTY in the making about to rise in Houston girls youth basketball. Houston Angels Select 12U has all it needed to become a legitimate contender in the nation with all the ingredients just waiting to get into the mix. To this day I still have to ask myself "What Happened?" Sometimes we simply just lose focus on our main goal and get destructed by other things which is not really that important. The ideal thing I would have done at the time was to keep all the girls together and work on developing and letting them grow into the sport that they truly love while having fun doing it. Back then most of the girls were all in middle school and a few were still in grade school. I saw and really enjoyed watching all of them transformed into young lovely ladies, but with a pizzas of great basketball talent. You can now catch all of them still bouncing the ball in the hardwood at their respective high school gyms. Listed are the names, graduation year and school they are currently attending. Standing at the back row from left to right are: Tyler Gilbert 2012 Hightower, Briana Williams 2013 St Johns, Blayke Hemmitt 2012 Bellaire, Bianca Winslow 2012 Bellaire, Shauna Espozio 2012 Friendswood, Jazmyn Howard 2012 Elkins and Taylor Gilbert 2012 Hightower. Seated Aaliyah Brown 2012 Clear Springs, Hannah Cambel 2014 Village, Victoria Trevino 2012 Friendswood, Sylvana Okde 2012 Westbury Christian, Kaylan Sanders 2012 Elkins, Atallah McKinney 2014 Bellaire and Raven Burns 2012 Bellaire. Briana Turner 2014 Westbury Christian (Not in picture)


  1. Wow this really was a great team....what happened?

  2. I guess it really doesn't matter now since they're all doing well. Looks like Bellaire got most of the girls. Do we see more possible move in?

  3. surprise.. surprise... more move in next year involving 3 schools a couple privates!