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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CHSA Wolverines home schooled at The Village 109-28

Shaquille Cleare #44

It takes more than 3 defenders to stop a big man like Shaquille Cleare in the middle. The Village Vikings showed a lot of powers running over CHSA wolverines last night for the Vikings season opener. Having a big man makes a big difference, but without dependable guards still makes it difficult to build a power house. Often times we forget the little things that the guards do for the big man. We tend to over look an assist for a dunk.

Gary Smith #5

Village guards 2012 Gary Smith and Trevion Williams deserves as much recognition. Both guards can flat out shoot from the perimeter and can attack at will making it easy for the big man to create space in the middle. Smith and Williams shots are almost perfect from the field last night causing havoc for the visiting wolverines ending the half time leading 60-20. Village did not stop there, but continued to pound the middle and their perimeter shots around the floor winning by 81 points 109-28 final.
Trevion Williams #24

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